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Style 101: The Striped Pant

July 7, 2015


Here is our second menswear contribution! A big shout out to one of the most fashionable boys out of Karachi, Owais Haji, who is a blogger and designer currently based out of Sydney. Read on to see how he styles a statement trouser 5 ways.owais haji shows how to style striped trousers 5 ways Men are usually not seen sporting striped pants, even now where printed menswear has made it to mainstream fashion. Striped pants are still one of those bold statements that only brave-hearts choose to make. Although this pair of striped pants is classic black and white, don’t be afraid to go beyond the monochrome look and test their versatility.

Classic Monochrome


Pair these trousers with a black button down, black slip on loafers and accent the whole look off with a bit of metallic (in terms of reflective shades and accessories like cuffs and rings).

A Desi Touch


No one does colour like the sub continent and a pop of colour against black and white looks amazing. Pair it up with some classic classic Kolhapuris for that desi twist.

Get Sporty


Simple sneakers and a tee are the perfect way to instantly make these pants sporty. The stripes can be made athletic with any knit or neoprene tee that you can pair them up with it. Sneakers only go on to accentuate the sporty vibe of the whole look.

Resortin It


Because it’s summer, a resort vacay is a must for the urban chic guy and what better to sport than these pants paired up with a tee, jacket and some boldly coloured boat shoes.

Dressed to the Nineties


An over sized denim jacket, a tee and some heavy boots lend a part grunge, part rebel attitude to this look that was very much prevalent throughout the mid nineties.

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Style 101: The Black Jacket

June 25, 2015

Very excited to have our first contributor share some menswear advice with us. Ace blogger Haseeb from That Paki Blog shows us how to wear a black suit jacket various ways. Be sure to check out his blog for more fashion inspiration. 

A lot of us have black suits lying in our wardrobes that we take out for special occasions only. It is so wrong of us to assume that it’s a suit only to be worn on special occasions. The suit jacket can be worn in all cool ways to make your outfit more fun and interesting.

The Air Tie

While ties seem mandatory, in this plaid shirt, it just seemed right to not wear a tie and button up till the top, making the outfit look sleek and fun. Add a pair of black or plaid shorts into the mix and you’ve got a perfect outfit for a summer night out at the beach.

Haseeb That Paki BlogThe Party Hat

Wear a hat with your basic grey tee and the jacket. Sweat pants and sneaks would complete the outfit all together. But the casual hipster vibe of the outfit would look great at a fun party.

Haseeb of That Paki Blog

The Pop of Color

Throw on a colored tee to make your outfit stand out.

Haseeb That Paki Blog

Office Vibes

In winters, you can wear hooded sweaters under your jacket to make your outfit look formal, but at the same time fashionable and stylish. This is the stylish office look you know you can pull off. That Paki Blog

All black.

Your black tee, black denim and your black suit jacket. This combo is there for when you are feeling like you just gotta brood and be goth. Add a pair of funky shoes to make the outfit more interesting. Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.54.31 PM

The White Tee

This is the safest of all the looks, and one you’ve probably carried numerous times. A basic white tee, denim and your jacket are the best combination to look office ready, and fun ready. Make sure you wear a pair of nice loafers or sneakers.  Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.10.58 PM

Mix and match suit items

Try out mixing various pieces of your suits together. Here is a perfect example where grey trousers from one suit are being worn with the black jacket from another suit. Throw in fun accessories to make them contrast and you’ve got a fun outfit together!  haseeb that paki blog

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