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Yay or Nay: Mahira Khan at Bin Roye Promotions

July 27, 2015

Let me start this post off with a little rant (you might have caught the gist of it on Twitter already). I cannot believe the disregard people now have for high-quality, crisp images. I guess we have the onslaught of social media to thank for this, while it is great to have people Instagramming pictures live from events that doesn’t mean that actual photographers should just not to their jobs. While I was searching for images for this post, I only came across ONE event that had proper photographic coverage. As someone who always tries to share high res, clear images on my site (in an attempt to make sure the content is at international level…and an apt representation of my work) this just pisses me off. It is honestly a failure on the accounts of PR teams, event managers, sponsors and anyone involved. I mean, do stylists actually add these fuzzy images to their portfolios??? COME ON. It is a sad state of affairs, it shows how we no longer have appreciation for QUALITY but a fleeting click of an iPhone button now qualifies as “content” *rant over*

Let’s get fashioning now.

Mahira Khan’s promotional tour for Bin Roye was rather extensive, across continents and spanning weeks. She gave us lots of looks to dissect and I chose 6 of these, or at least 6 that I thought were worth mentioning. Let’s have a look.

Mahira Khan Bin Roye promotions
1. MAHGUL: This is a look I loved, and that’s mostly because it is so unique. The exaggerated white gharara and embroidered red shirt is a simple idea, but it works tremendously well here. Silver bangles and loose curls complete this look. There are white pointed pumps peeking through the gharara, while those wouldn’t be my first choice I can’t fault it since we literally can’t see them.

2. ELAN: There is nothing I loathe more than people who show up wearing bridal looks to red carpet events and fashion shows. Although this look is definitely blingtastic, there are modern elements which help it steer away from being completely bridal and, let’s face it, it is so pretty. I hate the shoes though.

3. MUSE: This is my favourite beauty look on Mahira EVER. The hair and makeup are on point, the accessories and shoes are perfect and the dress is flattering. I’m 90% sure this is the best she has ever looked. She looks sophisticated and confident, not the virginal, wide-eyed dope the world is always trying to portray her as.

4. FEEHA JAMSHED: Another great beauty look, the ponytail is annoyingly flattering on Mahira (if I tried that I would look like a football). This ensemble, like #2, has bridal tendencies but interesting details save the day. It’s not ideal for a NYC premiere, where Mahira should really have knocked it out of the ballpark, but eh it’ll do.

5. FEEHA JAMSHED: Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of this look. It was actually quite cool. The layered organza top is futuristic and trendy, the downfall was super-creasy pants.

6.  SANIA MASKATIYA: A cobalt blue sari just wins. It wins. That’s all.

Nothing in the promo tour was jaw-dropping. I think other girls like Sohai Ali Abro and Ayesha Omar are far surpassing the Golden Girl of Pakistan with their sartorial choices.