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Top 5: Fashion Couples

July 6, 2015
Paula  Manfield and Giotto Calendoli


1. Eleonora Sebastiani & Roberto MararoRoberto-Mararo_Eleonora-SebastianiEleonora Sebastiani is a talented fashion and street-style photographer based in Milan. But the well-dressed blonde spends a lot of time in front of the lens too.  If my ideal wardrobe were to manifest, it would be come to life as Eleonora’s – lady like silhouettes, muted tones and classic accessories. Her beau, Roberto Mararo, who heads up meanswear label Mararo is the epitome of Italian class.

2. Waleed Zaman & Fatima Waleed

waleed-zaman_fatima-waleedWaleed Zaman took Bareeze/Kayseria from mumsy to cool in a matter of years with appearances at fashion shows, collaborations with well known designers and an overall modern approach to fashion. The business savvy young fashion lover takes risks with his wardrobe, and thanks to his boyish good looks he always seems to pull off something that might look crazy on someone else.  His beautiful wife Fatima, who also helps with the family business, compliments his looks in her own style rocking statement trousers and pops of colour.

3. Justin O’Shea & Veronika Heilbrunner

Justin-OShea-and-Veronika-HeilbrunnerFor me, Justin O’Shea has to be the COOLEST man in fashion right now. He is tattooed and bearded yet sleek and almost clean cut (if you ignore the beard). As the buying director at, he is a fixture of fashion weeks and on the arm of his well-tailored suit, you will find the wispy Veronica Heilbrunner. Veronica is a style and fashion editor who holds her own in the fashion world. Simple shapes and masterful mixing of prints is her go-to look which works flawlessly with Justin’s more bespoke aesthetic.

4. Maha Burney and Nadir Firoz 


 The duo behind NFK Photography based in Karachi are two of the sweetest (and talented!) people you can meet. They singlehandedly managed to bring high fashion editorial photography to Pakistan at a time when fashion campaigns were stale and stagnant. Maha takes a more glamorous approach to fashion, her perfect hair and makeup paired up with graphic prints and interesting accessories. Nadir, on the other hand, is the laid-back and casual; always looking effortless and nonchalant in a pair of jeans and button down shirt.

5. Patricia Manfield and Giotti Calendoli

AmaraLoves-blog-Paula--Manfield-and-Giotto-Calendoli-Perhaps the best known and best dressed couple in the fashion world today, Patricia and Giotto do not seem to take a bad picture. Patricia Manfield started the carefully curated lifestyle blog The with her boyfriend, equally (if not more) stylish Giotto Calendoli. Unlike other bloggers, Patricia has an understanding of fashion and brands that seems genuine and intrinsic. If you were to see her on the streets of Milan, you would think she is a high-powered editor rather than a blogger. And Giotto? Let’s just say his hair should have its own TV show. I find matchy-matchy couples a bit nauseating but these two just manage to work it so well.

Any other couples you would add to the list?

Fashion, Photographers

#AmaraLoves: Abdullah Haris for Élan

June 27, 2015
Elan-Khadijah-Shah-Wild-Romance-Abdullah-Haris. Amara Javed blog

I love clothes and design but I think what I love most about fashion is photography. Unfortunately I haven’t been blessed with photographic talent so I am always ooh-ing and ah-ing over gorgeous images featuring gorgeous people wearing gorgeous things. Simple formula, isn’t it?

Pakistan has a couple of fashion photographers who are insanely talented, Abdullah Haris happens to be in the top tier. The filmmaker and image creator is becoming more and more prominent (yay for us!) and his latest shoot for Élan just stole my heart. ELAN-WILD-ROMANCE-ABDULLAH-HARISFeaturing new bridals from the Wild Romance collection, the whole campaign is smoky, sensual goodness. I love the moody vibe, which is unexpected and not the ambiance we associate with Élan. Model Rabia Butt is a vision and everything just works together perfectly. This has to be one of my favourite shoots this year.