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Interior Infatuation: Brass

August 14, 2015

Like marble, the revival of brass in interior decoration has been going strong for the last few years. Sturdier than gold, brass has a rustic charm which easily works with many different decor styles. I am obsessed with brass fixtures for bathrooms, kitchens and as lighting, but living in rental limits me to using brass figurines and knick knacks here and there.
Add some brass to your decor with an art deco or baroque style mirror,  a statement stool or (if you prefer subtlety) with some gorgeous planters and bookends.


Monday Moodboard: Edie Sedgwick

August 10, 2015
Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick was the epitome of 60s IT girl. NYC was her playground and she was surrounded by the likes of Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger. Her style became iconic: pixie cut, kohl-rimmed eyes and antique chandelier earrings were her signature. Decades later all cool girls have a bit of Edie-element to their style (I’m lookin at you Alexa Chung).
Edie Sedgwick

Incorporate Edie Sedgwick’s NYC City Cool to your look with monochrome stripes, simple silhouettes and statement accessories.

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Beauty Talk: Christian Louboutin Lipstick

August 6, 2015

Ladies, your makeup bags are about to get a lot sexier


Christian Louboutin is expanding his eponymous Beauté line (launched last year with a range of nailpolishes) to include lipsticks.


The highly anticipated collection will consist of 38 shades, including the perfect Louboutin red, and will be available in 3 consistencies: matte, satin and sheer. Forget the colours, it’s the packaging that’s killing me. Like the nailpolishes, I feel like these lipsticks can be used solely to decorate a vanity. Oh, they can also be worn as a pendant around your neck, if that’s your thing. At $90 a pop they are QUITE pricey but would make for a good collector’s item if you’re a makeup lover.



Sabyasachi Mukherjee: AICW Couture 2015

July 30, 2015

I really must have been living under a rock because I didn’t even know Amazon sponsored a fashion week in India. Anyway, the highlight of this whole week was a very interesting collaboration. For his latest couture outing, Sabyasachi Mukherjee joined forces with shoe-tsar Christian Louboutin. Sabyasachi’s glittering ensembles were paired up with ornate, brocade embroidered heels and loafers accented with those unmistakeable red soles.


Keeping in line with his most recent runway collection, Sabyasachi’s “Bater” had elements of dark mystery and deconstruction – a step away from his usual, princess ensembles. Believe me, the princess vibe was still there, it was just tougher and sexier than what we have seen before.  The collection took inspiration from birds of prey, and Sabya himself said he wanted to keep it  “dark, gothic and sexual”



The colour palette was earthy, with an emphasis on neutrals and splashes of scarlet, and the clothes shine with the intricate embellishment techniques that have become Sabyasachi’s signature.  Silhouettes range from sleek short kameezes paired with cigarette trousers to modern choli and lehngas. My favourite piece is a sheer black ensemble covered with antique gold zardozi and a dramatic draped sleeve on one side.


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#AmaraLoves: Nathalie Trad

July 29, 2015

The fashion scene in the GCC is inspiring, there are many talented young men and women with ambitious visions that they bring to life in gorgeous ways. Nathalie Trad is one of those young visionaries. After attending prestigious institutions like ESMOD in Paris and Parsons in NYC, and working with Saint Laurent and Proenza Schoulier, Nathalie decided to launch her own accessories line. I have noticed her clutches on GCC socialites for years, and then international fashion stars like Olivia Palermo and Leandra Medine became fans and the rest is history.

I am a huge fan of statement clutches and interesting details, so Nathalie’s creations are like candy for me. The geometric designs, luxurious minerals and metallic finishes make for a winning combination. 
nathalie-tradShop Nathalie Trad clutches here, here and here!


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WanderLust: Lake Como

July 28, 2015

I’ll be the first to admit that Lake Como first appeared on my radar after seeing George Clooney’s palatial villa being featured in some gossip show eons ago.  I have always been obsessed with all things Italian, but Lake Como is rather different than what you would associate with the country. A 90-min drive from Milan, it’s almost like an Italian version of Monaco – with panoramic views of water and the Swiss Alps, lakeside mansions, luxurious 5 star hotels and yachts galore.

Lake Como

All these glamour is giving the Italian touch when you move away from the coast and are greeted with the quant, traditional streets Italy is so well known for. I mean, just look at it.

Lake Como

Lake Como is sitting pretty near the top of my travel bucket list, along with every other city in Italy. This would be a great option for a relaxing few days, with nothing to do than sip fancy cock[mock]tails, soak in the atmosphere and perhaps pop over to Milan for a quick retail therapy session.



Where to Stay: Villa D’Este, CastaDiva Resort 

What to Do: Boat tours, water sports, relaxing, Teatro Sociale, cooking classes

What to See: Basilica of Sant’Abbondio, Cathedral of Como (Duomo), Funicular Railway



Yay or Nay: Mahira Khan at Bin Roye Promotions

July 27, 2015

Let me start this post off with a little rant (you might have caught the gist of it on Twitter already). I cannot believe the disregard people now have for high-quality, crisp images. I guess we have the onslaught of social media to thank for this, while it is great to have people Instagramming pictures live from events that doesn’t mean that actual photographers should just not to their jobs. While I was searching for images for this post, I only came across ONE event that had proper photographic coverage. As someone who always tries to share high res, clear images on my site (in an attempt to make sure the content is at international level…and an apt representation of my work) this just pisses me off. It is honestly a failure on the accounts of PR teams, event managers, sponsors and anyone involved. I mean, do stylists actually add these fuzzy images to their portfolios??? COME ON. It is a sad state of affairs, it shows how we no longer have appreciation for QUALITY but a fleeting click of an iPhone button now qualifies as “content” *rant over*

Let’s get fashioning now.

Mahira Khan’s promotional tour for Bin Roye was rather extensive, across continents and spanning weeks. She gave us lots of looks to dissect and I chose 6 of these, or at least 6 that I thought were worth mentioning. Let’s have a look.

Mahira Khan Bin Roye promotions
1. MAHGUL: This is a look I loved, and that’s mostly because it is so unique. The exaggerated white gharara and embroidered red shirt is a simple idea, but it works tremendously well here. Silver bangles and loose curls complete this look. There are white pointed pumps peeking through the gharara, while those wouldn’t be my first choice I can’t fault it since we literally can’t see them.

2. ELAN: There is nothing I loathe more than people who show up wearing bridal looks to red carpet events and fashion shows. Although this look is definitely blingtastic, there are modern elements which help it steer away from being completely bridal and, let’s face it, it is so pretty. I hate the shoes though.

3. MUSE: This is my favourite beauty look on Mahira EVER. The hair and makeup are on point, the accessories and shoes are perfect and the dress is flattering. I’m 90% sure this is the best she has ever looked. She looks sophisticated and confident, not the virginal, wide-eyed dope the world is always trying to portray her as.

4. FEEHA JAMSHED: Another great beauty look, the ponytail is annoyingly flattering on Mahira (if I tried that I would look like a football). This ensemble, like #2, has bridal tendencies but interesting details save the day. It’s not ideal for a NYC premiere, where Mahira should really have knocked it out of the ballpark, but eh it’ll do.

5. FEEHA JAMSHED: Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of this look. It was actually quite cool. The layered organza top is futuristic and trendy, the downfall was super-creasy pants.

6.  SANIA MASKATIYA: A cobalt blue sari just wins. It wins. That’s all.

Nothing in the promo tour was jaw-dropping. I think other girls like Sohai Ali Abro and Ayesha Omar are far surpassing the Golden Girl of Pakistan with their sartorial choices.


Top 5: The New Classics

July 23, 2015
Bulgari Serpenti Bag

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a total bag hag. I mean, really, give me a good bag over clothes, shoes and jewellery any day. We all know about iconic classics that every woman should have in her arsenal (Hermès Birkin, Chanel 2.55, Gucci Jackie etc) but every few years there are new models which instantly place themselves on must-have lists.


There are 5 such bags which have been on my radar for a few years now and I can’t wait to add them my bag collection. Have a look:

classic-designer-bags[1. Saint Laurent Sac du Jour] [2. Chanel Boy Bag] [3. Louis Vuitton Petite Malle] [4.  Fendi 2Jours ] [5. Bulgari Serpenti]

The Saint Laurent Sac du Jour is a classic structured shape that is reminiscent of the Birkin, with a bit more polish. Available in 3 sizes and a variety of exotic skins, this has been my favourite bag since it was released and I want one in every colour. The Chanel Boy bag is Karl Lagarfeld’s homage to Coco Chanel’s great love Boy Capel. The bag has a more urban, modern feel than its predecessor – the iconic flap bag. The Louis Vuitton Petite Malle (Mini Trunk) is the most gorgeous of the smaller sized bags made available in the last year. Making its appearance in Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut A/W14 show for the brand, the Petite Malle is a throwback to the label’s original travel trunks. The Bulgari Serpenti bag made its debut in 2012, paying tribute to the classic Serpenti watch. This shoulder bag has an elegance unmatched by any other shoulder bag out there, I love the jeweled Serpent head closure and gold chain strap. Last but not least we have the Fendi 2Jours. This bag and I have a strong love connection. Like the Sac du Jour it is a classic, structured shape that comes in a variety of colours and exotic skins.